• Metalworking Products

    Metalworking Products

    KSL provides a number of Metalworking Products including Coolants, Drawing & Stamping, Cleaners, Hydroforming, Rust Inhibitors and more.

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  • Lab Services

    Lab Services

    KSL can provide support for product recommendations, product development, quality control, fluid monitoring and evaluation of fluid recycling candidates and processes.

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  • Metalworking Services

    >Metalworking Services

    KSL offers various metalworking services including Custom Application Equipment, Reuse & Recycling Programs, Inventory Management, Recovery and more.

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Welcome to KSL Lubricants

KSL Lubricants is a supplier that is focused on the automotive parts stamping industry. Our expansion, our increased manufacturing output, our hiring of additional chemists, engineers and electricians is an ongoing commitment to meet the needs of our customers and our industry.
KSL Lubricant’s access to international OEM approved lubricants, in tandem with KSL’s Tooling Solution’s provides a technical service with analysis, recovery, and disposal of stamping compounds, lubricants, and coolants.
Our recycling service provides KSL customers with a much needed source of cost savings revenue, a smaller environmental footprint and, surely, this is what our industry is striving to achieve.


Core Solutions