KSL Metalworking Products


Advancements in technology allow for improvements in both traditional machining applications as well as high speed machining centers.  KSL offers soluble oils, semi-synthetic, and full synthetic solutions for numerous applications including:

  • High speed cutting of aluminum
  • Low foaming applications using softened or RO/DI water
  • Machining of titanium alloys
  • Machining of soft metal alloys
  • Chlorine free formulations meeting established European standards
  • Improved bio-resistance limiting system dumps and biocide requirements

Drawing and Stamping

While chlorinated soluble oils remain the work-horse for heavy duty drawing and stamping, KSL is meeting proposed legislative changes with advanced technologies unrivaled in the industry.

Our Synthetic Draw Series provides viable cost effective alternatives to conventional soluble oils without sacrificing performance.  Our Synthetic Draw series might be the answer to your tough draws, swaging, and forming operations.

KSL’s formulated non chlorinated soluble oils are E-Coat and paint compatible, weld compatible, and provide exceptional weld rust inhibition.  KSL Extreme Series stamping compounds are revolutionary in the stamping industry providing advanced die lubrication yet are completely miscible in water thus easily cleaned in subsequent painting and plating operations.


KSL provides a wide range of cleaners to service the Stamping Industry including:

  • Emulsion cleaners
  • Alkaline cleaners for spray and immersion systems
  • Neutral cleaners for post grinding and cutting operations
  • Various floor cleaners
  • Die washing compounds
  • E-Coat spill cleaners
  • UF/RO membrane cleaners


Our Hydroform Series of products are specifically formulated to provide the highest degree of barrier protection.  Implementing high viscosity polymers and EP additives allows for maximum flexibility in product application.  The products are easily washed with alkalinity but remain intact during the hydroforming process.

Rust Inhibitors

KSL’s RI Series of products provides various degrees of rust protection from in-house storage to long term corrosion protection.  Our RI Series of products are oil, water and solvent based.  Most formulations are ecologically advanced with low toxicity levels.  Our products are suitable for most metals and can be applied in various ways making them easy to use.

Tumbling and De-burr

Whether you operate a linear vibe, tumblers (low and high speed), or vibratory bowls, KSL’s Hybrid Deburr product line has a formulated chemical solution for you.  Solution re-use is the key to minimizing effluent discharge and associated treatment and haulage costs.

Tube Mill Coolants

Our synthetic tube mill coolants are specifically formulated for the demands of your process.  We monitor each mill to ensure the balance of cleanliness and slip are achieved so maximum performance is achieved.  In all cases your formed products will have maximum in house rust protection.

Straight Oils

A wide selection of products to meet your needs as follows:

  • Cutting Oils
  • Hydraulic Oils
  • Gear Oils 
  • Way Lubricants
  • Chain Oils
  • Lubricating Oils 
  • Mist Oils
  • Quench Oils